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  • Branding & Marketing

    Branding & Marketing

    Salem county’s premiere floral studio is expanding operations. In addition to providing floral services for weddings, memorials, parties and events, in 2020 they moved into a spacious new studio, opened a retail boutique and began working on building an event space worthy of traveling to their between-two-points location. Owing to more than a decade’s experience […]



    Rutgers Business School hosts a forward-looking conference each year, alternating between IGBE — Innovations in Graduate Education — and UGBE — Innovations in Undergraduate Education. After losing a year to COVID, in 2021 they combined the two conferences: IUGBE, or Innovations in Undergraduate & Graduate Education. Hosted virtually, the conference nonetheless mailed a printed copy […]

  • Brand Launch

    Brand Launch

    Proprietress Stacey Goldberg has a dream of setting up an ice cream empire. Kicking things off in Deptford, NJ in the summer of 2022, she had a name, a store, and six weeks to get things moving before the unofficial beginning of Ice Cream Season (e.g., June 1). She came to Team Eric to design […]

  • 2020 Yearbook Cover

    2020 Yearbook Cover

    The Delaware River Yachtsmen’s Association is an affiliation of marinas and clubs along the Delaware River from Trenton, NJ to Wilmington, DE. Each year, they publish a yearbook made available to their membership of 5,000 pleasure boaters. Cover art for the Yearbook traditionally features a photo of boaters enjoying the river. This year, I suggested […]

  • Conference Promotions

    Conference Promotions

    Continuing our relationship with MAACBA — the Mid-Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration — for the fourth year in 2019, I designed and produced the 40+page event program, a suite of poster-sized event signage, and a set of PowerPoint templates for both presenters and event staff. The annual MAACBA conference gives Deans at business […]

  • Branding & Promotion

    Branding & Promotion

    Branding and marketing for South Jersey STEAM academy

  • Conference Promotions

    Conference Promotions

    Engaging with MAACBA — the Mid-Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration — for three years and counting, Team Eric(TM) designed these 40-page event booklets for several of the organization’s annual conferences, as well as assisting with a number of other event branding and marketing undertakings. The annual MAACBA conference gives Deans at business schools […]

  • Brand Revision

    Brand Revision

    The Paulsboro Sportsmen’s Association, a prestigious social club in Gloucester County NJ, wanted to update their logo without losing any of the hard-earned recognition they’ve built in the community over the past 80-plus years. The new logo I designed for them mirrors the color, form, and iconography of the original logo, embellished with a few […]

  • Other Earthlings

    Other Earthlings

    Working from an original novel/screenplay, we developed a proof-of-concept episode (e.g., unlike a pilot, it starts in the middle of the story) of Other Earthlings to push the boundaries of what podcast listeners expect in terms of production value: professional voice acting, original music and scoring, and Hollywood-quality audio engineering. Here’s the introduction:

  • World’s Greatest Wedding Announcement

    World’s Greatest Wedding Announcement

    I know, I know… what’s this personal piece doing in what’s clearly meant to be a professional portfolio? But come on, look at it. Custom-made Muppets that are dead-ringers for the couple getting hitched? A dozen costume changes? On-location shots in Central Park, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, the Catskills, Cap’n Kat’s and Cowtown Rodeo? Let this […]