Branding & Promotion

Working in tandem with Paulsboro’s public school system, aka The Paulsboro Public Schools, the Pegasus Foundation is endeavoring to improve the educational outcomes of its student body with a progressive Arts & Sciences-focuses curriculum. While still in its formative stages, Pegasus leadership approached Team Eric(TM) to tackle a number of challenges:

  • Develop a logo and identity system that both coordinates with that of the public schools while also remaining distinct from it
  • Articulate messaging to appeal to prospective supporters based on the strengths of PEF’s action-focused 5-year plan, rather that restating the challenges facing the district
  • Introduce potential donors to the breadth and depth of career opportunities a STEAM curriculum — Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics — provides, including blue and white collar jobs in business, industry, the military, politics and altruism.
  • Coordinate with group leadership to prepare and promote a fundraising event to roll the new Pegasus brand out to prospective donors.

The solution we came up with — as well as the Foundation’s inaugural fundraising event — exceeded the client team’s expectations.