While finding a creative boutique that can design a good looking logo is relatively easy, finding one that can help you craft a full brand persona may take a bit more digging. Over the past twenty-plus years, Team Eric(TM) has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 titans to small-team start-ups, working with them to not only design a pretty logo, but helping articulate their brand’s personality.

So, sure, we can help you with your logo; look around the page and you’ll see a few examples. But it’s what those logos stand for that really makes them shine.

Here are a few of the things we’ll do to work with you in crafting a truly world-class brand:

  • Perform a brand audit. Perhaps you already have a brand. Maybe you’ve been using it for years. But in that time, maybe your business has grown: you’ve taken on new territories, expanded your offerings, and/or are working for new clients using new technology. Or maybe you’ve had a revolving door of designers and marketing teams who96 each interpreted the brand in their own way. A brand audit will help you figure out not only where your brand is misaligned with your values, but also help figure out the more important question of why.
  • Define your brand’s attributes. This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s a crucial step a lot of design groups assume businesses have already taken care of. Our branding engagements begin by meeting with stakeholders — owners, executives, subject-matter experts and prospective clients — to determine what makes their business, product and/or service stand apart from competitors. Only then are we ready to start designing.
  • Naming. Perhaps you’re coming to the table with a new idea and a few general ideas about where you want to take it. Or maybe you have a name in mind but, after looking, you’ve found that someone is already using it. We can work with you in crafting your brand attributes into a product or company name that resonates with your customers that also won’t get you into any trademark disputes (and has a web address available).
  • Align to a central message. Politicians and activists are coached to stay on message. In business, your brand is that message: how you do what you do in simple, concise terms your audience values.
  • Design around your customers’ and clients’ expectations. We get great joy from developing a brand our client teams are proud to take out into the field. But its far more important to craft your brand around something your audience finds valuable.

If you already have a brand that resonates with your customers, kudos to you — we’d love to help you out with any of the other needs you’ll find in the navigation bar at the top of the page. But if you think you might need a little help (or even just a bit of validation), give us a call


Branding & Marketing


Salem county’s premiere floral studio is expanding operations. In addition to providing floral services for weddings, memorials, parties and events, in 2020 they moved into a spacious new studio, opened a retail boutique and began working on building an event space worthy of traveling to their between-two-points location. Owing to more than a decade’s experience...
IUGBE 2021 conference program



Rutgers Business School hosts a forward-looking conference each year, alternating between IGBE — Innovations in Graduate Education — and UGBE — Innovations in Undergraduate Education. After losing a year to COVID, in 2021 they combined the two conferences: IUGBE, or Innovations in Undergraduate & Graduate Education. Hosted virtually, the conference nonetheless mailed a printed copy...

2020 Yearbook Cover


The Delaware River Yachtsmen’s Association is an affiliation of marinas and clubs along the Delaware River from Trenton, NJ to Wilmington, DE. Each year, they publish a yearbook made available to their membership of 5,000 pleasure boaters. Cover art for the Yearbook traditionally features a photo of boaters enjoying the river. This year, I suggested...
MAACBA 2019 at Rutgers Business School

Conference Promotions


Continuing our relationship with MAACBA — the Mid-Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration — for the fourth year in 2019, I designed and produced the 40+page event program, a suite of poster-sized event signage, and a set of PowerPoint templates for both presenters and event staff. The annual MAACBA conference gives Deans at business...

Branding & Promotion


Working in tandem with Paulsboro’s public school system, aka The Paulsboro Public Schools, the Pegasus Foundation is endeavoring to improve the educational outcomes of its student body with a progressive Arts & Sciences-focuses curriculum. While still in its formative stages, Pegasus leadership approached Team Eric(TM) to tackle a number of challenges: Develop a logo and...

Conference Promotions


Engaging with MAACBA — the Mid-Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration — for three years and counting, Team Eric(TM) designed these 40-page event booklets for several of the organization’s annual conferences, as well as assisting with a number of other event branding and marketing undertakings. The annual MAACBA conference gives Deans at business schools...

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