Branding & Marketing

Salem county’s premiere floral studio is expanding operations. In addition to providing floral services for weddings, memorials, parties and events, in 2020 they moved into a spacious new studio, opened a retail boutique and began working on building an event space worthy of traveling to their between-two-points location.

Owing to more than a decade’s experience delivering singular, aesthetically masterful floral designs matched only by the quality and reliability of their service, the AGP leadership team made the decision to ‘jump brackets’ as they say in sports: to increase the size, sophistication, and perceived value of the goods and services they deliver. While their reputation with their existing customer base was strong enough to make this leap, their branding suffered from a Mom & Pop aesthetic that wasn’t proving persuasive in attracting new business from those unfamiliar with their reputation.

In a ten week engagement, I worked with them to establish a brand strategy for both their floral services and retail operations, tweaked their brand touchpoints to add an air of sophistication without losing any of their existing brand equity, and developed templates for existing and future marketing efforts.



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