From cuneiform stone tablets to PDF’s, “print” — or “traditional media” in designerspeak — includes all the different ways word and images can be put on a page where a) the size of the page or surface has to be taken into consideration (so webpages get a pass), and b) the reader’s imagination brings it to life (so it doesn’t include audio or video). Humanity has a long, happy relationship with print. What other kind of media can you both light on fire for heat when you’re cold, and wipe your butt with when you, eh, have a need to wipe your butt?

From business cards to brochures, tradeshow booths to billboards, we can help you with a full spectrum of print design services:

  • Content development. Talking about yourself can be difficult.
  • Photography. From headshots of your staff to staged interiors and magazine-quality
  • Illustration and infographics. Team Eric(TM) has a long bench of traditional and digital artists able to work in a range of styles, from watercolors to 3D renderings.
  • Document design. The core of our print design expertise, our team designs magazine advertisements, brochures, posters and more to deliver
  • Printing. We work with a number of print bureaus, both locally and nationally, suitable for any size job.
  • Media planning. We can coordinate media placement in newspapers, magazines, cable TV and more.

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