From cuneiform stone tablets to PDF’s, “print” — or “traditional media” in designerspeak — includes all the different ways word and images can be put on a page where a) the size of the page or surface has to be taken into consideration (so webpages get a pass), and b) the reader’s imagination brings it to life (so it doesn’t include audio or video). Humanity has a long, happy relationship with print. What other kind of media can you both light on fire for heat when you’re cold, and wipe your butt with when you, eh, have a need to wipe your butt?

From business cards to brochures, tradeshow booths to billboards, we can help you with a full spectrum of print design services:

  • Content development. Talking about yourself can be difficult.
  • Photography. From headshots of your staff to staged interiors and magazine-quality
  • Illustration and infographics. Team Eric(TM) has a long bench of traditional and digital artists able to work in a range of styles, from watercolors to 3D renderings.
  • Document design. The core of our print design expertise, our team designs magazine advertisements, brochures, posters and more to deliver
  • Printing. We work with a number of print bureaus, both locally and nationally, suitable for any size job.
  • Media planning. We can coordinate media placement in newspapers, magazines, cable TV and more.


Branding & Marketing


Salem county’s premiere floral studio is expanding operations. In addition to providing floral services for weddings, memorials, parties and events, in 2020 they moved into a spacious new studio, opened a retail boutique and began working on building an event space worthy of traveling to their between-two-points location. Owing to more than a decade’s experience...
IUGBE 2021 conference program



Rutgers Business School hosts a forward-looking conference each year, alternating between IGBE — Innovations in Graduate Education — and UGBE — Innovations in Undergraduate Education. After losing a year to COVID, in 2021 they combined the two conferences: IUGBE, or Innovations in Undergraduate & Graduate Education. Hosted virtually, the conference nonetheless mailed a printed copy...
MAACBA 2019 at Rutgers Business School

Conference Promotions


Continuing our relationship with MAACBA — the Mid-Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration — for the fourth year in 2019, I designed and produced the 40+page event program, a suite of poster-sized event signage, and a set of PowerPoint templates for both presenters and event staff. The annual MAACBA conference gives Deans at business...

Branding & Promotion


Working in tandem with Paulsboro’s public school system, aka The Paulsboro Public Schools, the Pegasus Foundation is endeavoring to improve the educational outcomes of its student body with a progressive Arts & Sciences-focuses curriculum. While still in its formative stages, Pegasus leadership approached Team Eric(TM) to tackle a number of challenges: Develop a logo and...

Conference Promotions


Engaging with MAACBA — the Mid-Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration — for three years and counting, Team Eric(TM) designed these 40-page event booklets for several of the organization’s annual conferences, as well as assisting with a number of other event branding and marketing undertakings. The annual MAACBA conference gives Deans at business schools...

Promoting Rowan’s Rohrer College of Business


Team Eric(TM) has an ongoing relationship assisting Rowan University’s Rohrer College of Business with student-focused marketing. In keeping with an organization their size, Rowan Global enforces a well-defined set of brand standards on each of its subordinate groups in order to promote a cohesive whole; promoting the Rohrer College in such a way that it...

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