Brand Launch

Proprietress Stacey Goldberg has a dream of setting up an ice cream empire. Kicking things off in Deptford, NJ in the summer of 2022, she had a name, a store, and six weeks to get things moving before the unofficial beginning of Ice Cream Season (e.g., June 1). She came to Team Eric to design a logo she could put on the light-up street-facing pylon in front of the store, but left with quite a bit more: deliverables for this project included:

  • A logo and brand identity
  • Mascot character illustration
  • Names and recipes for a dozen mouthwatering sundaes
  • A series of printed and digital menu boards
  • Uniform design, including T-shirts and aprons
  • Social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Business media presence on Yelp, Google, Apple Maps and Waze




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