In the past fifteen years, there’s been a cultural shift away from the static word. While certain longform writing persists, even traditional media like newspapers have gradually transitioned from words and photos to dancing type and video footage as their readership has moved from paper to screen. Paradoxically, although print is still very much alive, static words have begun to slip out of favor.

And while there’s surely room for social commentary either for or against the transition (we could make cases both for and against that don’t contradict each other), the upshot is this: most audiences respond more favorably to an animated interaction.

Cinema-quality videography and editing, complete with musical scoring and professional voiceover narration, are now affordable by small- to mid-tier businesses. More importantly, those opting to take advantage of this medium are finding themselves with a competitive advantage over competitors still afraid to jump in the pool.

Here are some way we can help:

  • Best Practices showcases.
  • Animated demonstrations. Combining video and animation, these Day in the Life Of shorts walk viewers through how your product or service works, and what benefits they can expect, all wrapped up in
  • Video walkthroughs.
  • Testimonials.

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