MSU Dining Showcase

One of more than a dozen such videos we did for Aramark Higher Ed’s Dining Services group under the Mutant Media banner, this video showcases Aramark’s success in transforming a college campus with an innovative dining program. For use by Higher Ed’s sales team in recruiting new accounts, this collection of videos has a proven track record for making an emotional connection with decisonmakers during sales engagements.

Anyone that hasn’t stepped foot in a college dining hall in, say, 20 years would be flabbergasted a how different campus dining is today versus back in the stone age. Gone are the beige halls filled with beige furniture and stainless steel serving lines of beige all-you-can-eat sustenance, replaced by dining courts with custom-prepared restaurant-quality international fare catering to a broad variety of diets.

And based on that transformation, one might think the value Aramark brings is in food quality. But the food is almost a side effect; the value we showcase in these videos is the impact Dining Services has on student life. A well-considered dining program provides not only bodily sustenance, but a physical framework for students to interact and socialize — to practice all of those skills they’ll need to be a successful adult that can’t be learned from a textbook.