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  • Falcon Promotional Video

    Falcon Promotional Video

    A second promotional video under OPEX’s new solutions-focused brand platform, this video promotes their scanner preparation workstation, the Falcon. Falcon workstations are able to decrease scanner prep time by an astounding ratio of 20:1, driving productivity for clients with manual bill processing departments, and large libraries of paper documents and records.

  • Sure Sort Promotional Video

    Sure Sort Promotional Video

    OPEX Corporation provides leading edge warehouse automation solutions ranging from storeroom-sized systems to installations that fill industrial warehouse complexes. Their marketing has traditionally focused on their products and their products’ features. A recent rebranding initiative is changing the perception of OPEX as not a product vendor, but a solutions provider. This video is the first […]

  • Tour Promotional Videos

    Tour Promotional Videos

    Within the crowded marketplace of tour group operators in popular European and North American travel destinations, Context found a niche: exclusive, small-group tours of hard-to-gain-access-to destinations for an upscale clientele. In tandem with a custom shoot in three desirable destinations in London, Paris and Rome, Context came to Team Eric(TM) to promote their exclusive, high-touch […]

  • MSU Dining Showcase

    MSU Dining Showcase

    One of more than a dozen such videos we did for Aramark Higher Ed’s Dining Services group under the Mutant Media banner, this video showcases Aramark’s success in transforming a college campus with an innovative dining program. For use by Higher Ed’s sales team in recruiting new accounts, this collection of videos has a proven […]

  • Fuel Up with Chef Wayne

    Fuel Up with Chef Wayne

    It’s time to Fuel Up with Chef Wayne! Over the course of five seasons, we produced 70 episodes of this cooking instruction series for Aramark from one end to the other — concepting, storyboards, scripting, shooting, editing, titles and music. While the Chef Wayne series was for use by high school cafeteria workers, the series […]

  • Other Earthlings

    Other Earthlings

    Working from an original novel/screenplay, we developed a proof-of-concept episode (e.g., unlike a pilot, it starts in the middle of the story) of Other Earthlings to push the boundaries of what podcast listeners expect in terms of production value: professional voice acting, original music and scoring, and Hollywood-quality audio engineering. Here’s the introduction:

  • World’s Greatest Wedding Announcement

    World’s Greatest Wedding Announcement

    I know, I know… what’s this personal piece doing in what’s clearly meant to be a professional portfolio? But come on, look at it. Custom-made Muppets that are dead-ringers for the couple getting hitched? A dozen costume changes? On-location shots in Central Park, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, the Catskills, Cap’n Kat’s and Cowtown Rodeo? Let this […]